About Sandra

I was born in Sweden in 1990 to Portuguese parents. I have always been a creative person drawn to creative work where photography and fashion are two strong keys. I currently work as a content manager at Wakakuu and as a freelance photographer. If you are interested in working with me contact me at sandra@sandrocas.com.


I welcome all kind of photography inquiries. Located in Sweden and Portugal but also available for projects worldwide. Simply send me an email.

Some of my clients: Wakakuu, Teater i Haga, Mediacom (Nespresso Sverige, Wrigleys Extra, Pågen Gifflar), Spalt PR (Cubus, Marlies Dekkers, Salice Distribution, Thomas Sabo), SPITI, Ses hos Mia.


Currently also writing branded content for clients.


Business degree in Digital Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Multimedia.
Please visit my linkedin to read more about my careers and education.


Creating musically, especially singing, has also always been a big part of my life and will continue to be. Please visit my youtube channel to see my videos.